A day in the recording studio

Yesterday was a great day! Having received confirmation of my gig at the BBC Club London, rehearsals began. The gig will be acoustic and so myself and Paul (guitarist) worked on arrangements of the songs to be included. The songs have been evolving for two years now and yesterday they became something organic, something new and fresh. Although a simplified version, of the already fully produced album versions, we discovered a different feel when playing them in such a raw form, with freedom to expand on the vocals and musicality, almost returning to the writing stage of the songs.

I now feel excited to perform them again, although I am confident everyone will love my new boots, they were unlikely to seal the deal without great music too! The gig is on 13th November 2018, and in my next few blogs I will go back and explain how this project started, and how I met David Martin and Graham Noon who are also involved in the process. David Martin is known for his collaboration in the writing of the hit record ‘I can’t smile without you’ made famous by Barry Manilow released in 1978.